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If you're like us and typically enjoy golf tournaments for the cocktails and environment, do we have news for you. The Waste Management Open in Phoenix, AZ is doing it's own thing and we've got the scoop right here. Oh, full disclaimer, this article has nothing to do with the golf itself and everything to do with the pop culture events surrounding it. Obvs.


1. The Coliseum Hole

This hole, #16, is iconic because it's a short par 3 (read: goes by quickly) and usually ends in a couple of holes in one per tournament. Fans go wild and beer goes everywhere (pic below is from 2022). It's often the scene of frat naysh, where many bachelor parties descend every year. Guys get there at 4am (tournament starts at 1pm) and sprint to secure a spot to watch.

2. the Streaker, streaking said "Coliseum Hole"

On Friday, a dude literally ran onto hole 16 in nothing but a mullet, tennies and underwear. His back read, "19th hole -->."

3. The influencers have landed 

Feeling extremely old as of this writing, but even Tik Tok's latest generation of influencers are on the scene (Alix Earle, notably). 



Prayers for the state of Arizona this weekend. Between the WMO and the Superbowl they've got their hands full. 


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