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Don't take advice from everyone

Everyone and their mom will try to give you tips as you're picking up golf. Very few people actually know what they're doing, but regardless, they *love* to offer tips. It's all in good nature, but when amateurs offer swing tips it can easily steer you wrong. True golf instruction is very tailored to the individual, so leave that up to golf lessons or if you specifically ask someone for help. If (and when...) someone offers you a tip, just smiiiile and nod.


Start by hitting the driving range

A full round of golf can take hours, so we suggest starting with the driving range. It's less of a time commitment and it allows you to figure things out.
Don't know how to go to the driving range? Yes, YOU can do it. Check our our blog post, "how to hit the driving range for the first time."


Don't be too hard on yourself

This shit is hard. People spend their entire lives trying to be good at golf... and then they don't (no pressure ;) ). Take it easy, try to find the joy in the game, and stick with it.


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