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You're headed out for your first round of golf, but what do you need? We've rounded up what you need at the minimum, and also what you don't.



I mean, this is the fun part. Dress code will vary based on the course you are going to (check the website for details), but for the most part our recipe to success is a collared shirt, skort and hat. You can often get away without a collar on your shirt, but avoid anything hooded or too revealing. 




As a beginner, you will be losing many a golf ball. Just go ahead and become comfortable with that idea, and head to amazon to buy cheapies in bulk. You can always buy balls in the pro shop, but they're more expensive and most of us just aren't at that level yet. For women, look for balls that are "soft."



Lest you forget... an 18 round of golf can take up 4 or hours or more. We recommend packing snacks and drinks (shh, this isn't always allowed, so be sneaky). If you forget, the course usually sells snacks, beverages, and lunch food. But, pro tip, bring your own.



This section might be controversial. It's our opinion that you don't HAVE to invest in the following items quite yet - at least not until you know you like to play golf and will be going a little more consistently. But if you want to, then go for it!
You don't actually need your own set of clubs when you're starting out.  It's easy to borrow from who you're playing with or even rent them from the golf course. Once you're going a little more consistently though, life will be all around easier with your own set. A solid beginners set can go for as low as $250 - like this one here.
Any old pair of tennies will work here. However, shoes are great for gripping the ground, especially if the grass is a little wet. When you're ready to buy, consider these.
Gonna be honest, we've been playing for a while now and still don't see the real benefit in a glove other than looking legit. But they didn't ask us when they invented golf gloves. Wait to buy one of these bad boys until you've been playing long enough to let the pressure get to you. 



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